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How to use the tools?

The way I see it, photography is a powerful tool to transmit how you’re feeling to someone else without needimg words. The best photos can’t be accurately described in words because to me they resonate at a level where words don’t matter.

It gets tempting to advertise with photography. I want to be careful about creating advertisements for my own life. For me that means relatively few sunsets, food pictures, or even pictures with me in them. As I wandered around San Francisco this weekend with a camera in hand I found that I took almost no pictures. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what I want to say yet.

On the first level that’s a cop out. What to say will come together as the images come together. It’s also partially the truth: shooting on film, each photo now has a cost. More than the money it’s about the time that a photo takes time to develop, review, and scan. Each photo wants some thought.

Shooting on film often means that I forget what I’ve photographed. I love the surprise of pulling a roll of negatives out of the sink and being reunited with my photos. As I get more picky with pictures the rolls take longer to go through and the pictures become even more of a surprise.