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Jeremiah Rogers

Investor | Advisor | Transformational Coach

My coaching and advising creates a powerful, trusted space for individuals and leaders to explore commitment, creativity, innovation, and wealth.

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Recent Posts

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Why We Should Value Our Time Highly

Would you like to live a more satisfying and meaningful life? I am convinced that for many people the most straightforward path to increasing meaning and satisfaction is by valuing their time at an extremely high hourly rate. When you value your time clearly: You stop spending time on things

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How I Realized I Create My Life

Last year I found out it's normal for me to desire things, or say that I want things – when I never really wanted them and am not taking action to create them. At the same time I looked at my past and realized how much I had created over the

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Two Tips for Being Happier Every Day

Over the past years two tricks have helped bring me incredible happiness. These are defining any result I want to accomplish in terms of my senses, and defining my criteria for success and happiness in "or" terms instead of "and" terms. P.S. CLICK HERE if the embedded video doesn't