How to Manifest Changes

Get clear on what you want.

Make sure it’s 100% line with your needs and values and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Make sure it’s uncomfortably stretching you.

Tell yourself out loud that you’ll have it and name a particular date. Do it every day.

Let it eat you up inside when it’s not happening. Let it keep you up at night when you’re not making progress.

This process has been independently discovered by every culture on earth. They called it “praying” before they called it “manifesting”.

Why wouldn’t you do something so time tested and powerful?

You will get something from this process.

It may not get exactly what you asked for, but I’ve never met a single person who did this all out and didn’t radically change their life.

P. S. Written from a beach in Hawaii after two coaching calls. I told myself a year ago that I’d be coaching people from Bali by June 2021. This is close enough.