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Advising vs Deep Coaching — Which One Is for You and Why?

Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers
3 min read
Advising vs Deep Coaching — Which One Is for You and Why?

"What is coaching?" – "How do I find a coach?" - "What kind of coaching do I need?" – "How do I know if I should hire you?"

I often get these questions from friends, readers, and potential clients.

This article explores these questions to clarify what I do for readers and how I, or another coach, might help.

What is Coaching?

To answer questions about coaching, we first need to define it.

In strict terms, "coaching" is just a style of asking questions during conversation. One of my favorite introductory books on this conversation style is The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Steiner.

In reality, almost everyone uses the word "coaching" to describe the entire process through which one person helps another transform toward a goal.

Many coaches focus on question-asking conversations. Others bring exercises such as meditation, mental and physical games, and closed-eye exercises into the mix. My work tends to cover the whole range.

Coaching is openly defined, so questions about coaching only make sense if we know your taste.

To help you find a coach, we would need to know:

  1. What kind of transformation do you want?
  2. How open are you to change, and what kind of interventions work for you?
  3. What is standing in your way, and can those obstacles be removed or worked around?

These questions are why my onboarding process always involves getting to know you as a person. To know if we should work together, I have to know who you are, how open and adaptable you are to change, and if the kind of change you want is something my work can produce.

How Do I Find a Coach?

It is essential to find a coach who sees you as a hero, calls you toward a compelling mission, and reliably guides you toward success while keeping you away from failure.

If you want to be the hero of a tight and precise mission like learning sales, public speaking, or storytelling – you can find a coach who does just that. If you want to build a product, service, or coaching business from the ground up, some excellent coaches do that as well.  

My work covers a wide range. To make it easier to understand, I split it into Advising, which focuses on tactics, progress, next steps, and accountability – and Deep Coaching, which explores how you see yourself, the world, and your purpose.

What Kind of Coaching Do I Need?

Advising is often the best fit for busy leaders, executives, and operators. These people value having someone to expand, support, and challenge their thinking, but they also want to keep the time focused on specific and measurable results.

Deep Coaching conversations, in contrast, are often longer and more emotionally resonant. Deep Coaching explores how you see yourself, the broader world, and your purpose in reacting to and creating the world around you.

Deep Coaching is often the best fit for someone in a significant transition such as a career change, a mid-life pivot, an ending relationship, or anyone else who wants to invest time and effort now that will pay off over a lifetime of success and fulfillment.

How Do I Know if I Should Hire You?

Advising might be for you if you have a clear sense of who you are, what you want, and where you are going.

Here is what you can expect from Advising:

  • Someone who supports, challenges, and expands your thinking.
  • Measurable increases in business and personal outcomes as a result of our talks.
  • Real-world experience applied to your situation.
  • Tactical direction in areas like leadership, sales, productivity, investing, and relationships.

Deep Coaching might be for you iff you want to deeply explore your desires, re-evaluate who you are, and plan for a lifetime of success and fulfillment.

Here is what you can expect from Deep Coaching:

  • A witness, champion, and confidant in areas of self-growth.
  • Emotionally deep and resonant conversations.
  • Space for big thinking and exploring long-term dreams.
  • Increased self-knowledge, leading to improved relationships, communication, and fulfillment.

What Do Clients Pick?

Some clients keep our conversations focused on Advising to grow their business quarter-to-quarter. Other clients use Deep Coaching as a reflective mirror.

Many clients take advantage of both, letting our conversations flow back and forth between Advising and Deep Coaching within the same session.

If one of these ever sounds like it's for you, go here to learn more.