Client Feedback

"Jeremiah is super insightful and has a broad swath of knowledge. We discuss sales, marketing, hiring, morale, relationships and everything in between! I'd highly recommend Jeremiah for people who are focused on growing quickly or are in a high leverage role."

— Ankur Dahiya
CEO and Co-Founder at RunX

"When I was at my lowest point as a startup entrepreneur, working with Jeremiah helped me get unstuck and back to building a badass company."

— Zach Marshall
CEO of Conterra Security
Former U.S. Navy SEAL

"Jeremiah has been an amazing thought partner, striking a great balance between logic-driven frameworks and more intuitive approaches. Our journey together continues to be rewarding — I find myself regularly energized by new perspectives on myself and my potential paths forward."

Tim Wood
Former Senior Director of Product Management at Splice

"Jeremiah helped me make a career transition from entrepreneur back to software engineer. I had quit a company I started, taken 9 months off, and I had had my first child. I was having deeply mixed feelings about going back to work, both afraid of being idle and afraid of burning out again.

Jeremiah helped me process all that. I really appreciate how he’s experienced the tech industry himself, he’s well traveled and well read. Talking to Jeremiah for me was like talking to an old friend from day one. "

— Greg Dingle
Two-time Y-Combinator Founder
Senior Software Engineer at Flux

"Working with him is one of the best decisions I have made in my personal and professional life. I continue to recommend Jeremiah to friends and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about identifying who they want to be, how they can get there, and how they can impact the world at large."

David Clavens
VP of Marketing, Aalto
Owner, David Gerard Magic

"Working with Jeremiah was amazing. I had high expectations going in, and several thorny problems that I knew I needed help with. The array of skills and context he brought to bear was impressive. I highly recommend working with him if you can!"

— Jason Rodrigues Sundram
Data Science Lead, World.AI at Meta

"Jeremiah is highly perceptive and insightful, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Highly recommend, if you are growing a business!"

— Aishi Jiang
Co-Founder, 5 Minute Guitar

"I wasn't sure what to expect from coaching, but whatever my expectations were, Jeremiah exceeded them. Jeremiah's most remarkable qualities are an ability to listen deeply and a genuine interest in my success as I define it, not as defined by others. Those qualities enable him to use whatever tool is most appropriate at a particular time, whether tailored reading and homework assignments, exploration of my past to uncover and challenge long-held assumptions, or even spiritual guidance, all delivered with genuine enthusiasm and care."

— Ian Kennedy
Chief of Staff at Khosla Ventures

"I recently found myself in a conundrum of knowing strongly that I wasn’t happy with how I was spending my time, but unsure of what I wanted next. A friend referred me to Jeremiah, and it was by far the most insightful and effective experience in introspection that I’ve ever had."

Joseph Selim
Director of Data
Engineering at Slack

"Jeremiah has been an incredible partner through the most difficult and highest-growth period of my career. He understands the nuances and unique problems I’m facing in a way that other coaches don’t, and he’s helped me reach clarity and make progress on a number of areas where I’ve felt stuck for years."

— Matt Cooper
Head of Engineering at Studio