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I help dedicated and talented people get out of their own way, take ownership of their lives, and turn things they dream of seeing into a reality.

Sometimes our work is to help you run a large team or mission. Sometimes our work is a multi-year transformation. Sometimes we let our conversations flow and see what arises.

How deep we go depends on what would truly meet your needs.

The first step is to get in touch.

Programs and Fees

My coaching is customized and ranges in fee based on duration and services. My goal is to help you while also having you commit to your development.

Typically clients invest between $10,000 and $65,000 for 3-12 months of work together. At the high-end, our work may include custom retreats, intensives, and adventures.


As coach and client, we meet every two to thre weeks with allowances for vacations and illnesses. Sessions are face-to-face or over Zoom with the occasional phone call.

When we meet virtually, please plan to be alone and in a quiet room.