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Coaching & Advising

Are you a rule breaker? A genre definer? An artist? A builder? Do you accomplish things in about one-third the time that most competent people think is possible? When you leave the room are there some things that will not just happen more slowly – but might never happen at all?

And despite your gifts – does your perfectionism sometimes hold you back from building the future? Would you benefit from time and space to slow down and look at yourself holistically? Do you need a reminder of how powerful you truly are?

Do you have a dark side to your gifts? One that makes you feel lazy even when you get more done than almost everyone else? One that's constantly competing with your past self? One that gets bored the moment success is in sight?

👉 If this sounds like you, then we should talk. Get in touch...

Prices start at $5,500 / quarter.

Successful Clients

  • The owner of a profitable consultancy in the EU created permanent boundaries between himself and his office. He began delegating work and leaving earlier, created a vision and values for his company, shut down an unprofitable side business, and began inventing new products perfectly aligned with the energy, skills and the desires of himself and his team.
  • A seed-stage Silicon Valley CEO worked through fears he could talk with no one else about, discovered the true, deep motivations for starting his company, and re-crafted the message around his company and why it exists to better attract clients, senior talent, and investors.
  • An early career woman on the COO path discovered that she cared far more about family, food, and being outdoors than about corporate success. She negotiated for a lower stress, higher paid job and started an organic food business on the side.