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How Much is Coaching Worth?

The question “How much is coaching worth?” should be inverted. Instead, ask, “How do I find a coach who helps me get the most value from my life?”

Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers
2 min read
How Much is Coaching Worth?

One of the questions people look to answer when they first hire a coach is “How much is coaching worth?”

Few people realize that coaching skills follow a power law, similar to software engineering or art, and that, as a result, the demand to work with the best coaches is always high.

So although the average price for off-the-shelf coaching might be $X/hour, the real value if you consider yourself to be an investor is from maximizing your fit with your coach and extracting the most value for your life in the future.

The question “How much is coaching worth?” should be inverted. Instead, ask, “How do I find a coach who helps me create the most value from my life?”

With this question, here's how I go about hiring coaches:

  • I keep my eyes open for coaches who seem fascinating or who have something that I want.
  • If I get to talk 1:1 with the coach, I bring my highest value problems and opportunities for them to work on with me.
  • Based on how well we work together, I estimate what value more time with the coach could add to my life.

A year with my current coach, Chris, costs about as much as a year at Harvard Business School.

Chris is, to be truthful, a far higher value for me than HBS.

Here’s the secret: Chris helps me fix the biggest problems in my life every two weeks. A year of that service is worth much more than any other kind of education.

So far, 2/3 of the way through my first contract with Chris, I am 100% satisfied.

A few of the things we have accomplished:

  • My relationship has improved dramatically.
  • My clients are happier because I keep learning to coach them better and because their lives keep improving.
  • My business is growing consistently, aligns with my values, and the pace keeps me on my toes.
  • I have become deeply comfortable with who I am and who I am not.
  • I gained the courage to remove many harmful influences from my life that had lingered for years.

Could I have hired a coach for 1/10th the price? Of course. But I would have received much less value than what's stated above.

In this way, hiring a coach is like hiring an engineer at a startup. Some are good, and others outperform entire teams.

If you are curious how this might work for you, I encourage you to find coaches you admire and set up exploratory calls with them. Bring your highest value problems or opportunities and see how the coaches help.

Based on your first few calls, decide on the right investment of time and energy to create the life you want.

Much love and talk soon,