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How to Redefine a Field

Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers
1 min read

Last night I sent an exercise to a client that may be useful for you.

First, some context on this person:

  • He has achieved top 10 in the world status in more than one area.
  • He struggles to push himself.
  • It's time for him to become number one and redefine number one.

How do you redefine a field?

One of my favorite self-development techniques is a possible solution: reading books as if they are not about the subject but instead about me.

If you do this with a book, then the whole book can be affirmations on the person you could become.

Reading the affirmations helps you create the same components of identity as the person you are reading about.

This client wants to redefine a field. Apple redefines fields all the time.

With this in mind, I sent him Apple's "Intention" video and asked him to watch it as if it were about himself.

Watch the video but read every word as if it's from a note you wrote to yourself. This video is your intention for your next creation or even your entire life.

Prompts for after you watch:

  • What are you ready to redefine?
  • To do that, what are the first ten things you would need to say "No." to?
  • How do you want people to feel when they are around you and your work?
  • Where is it time to erase and start over?
  • What breakthrough might you create if you did this regularly?

Let me know if this is helpful and talk soon,