Believe Actions, Not Words

In general, we should model our expectations on what people do, not what they say.

People will say all kinds of things, many of them well-intentioned, but even with the best intentions, people frequently fail to keep their word.

If someone tells you they really want to spend time with you, but they keep breaking commitments — believe what they do.

If someone tells you that you are valued and important, but they interrupt you and criticize your ideas — believe what they do.

None of this is hardline advice, there will always be exceptions.

But I’ve noticed nice people — and I only coach nice people — find it far too easy to buy excuse after excuse from people who sound (and likely are!) well-intentioned.

But ultimately intentions don’t matter — reality does. You’ve got a very limited life, about 30,000 total days.

If you want to live an efficient and meaningful life — believe what people do, not what they say.

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