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This page is a work in progress collection of useful resources for self education.

Financial Philosophy

[Book] The Almanack of Naval Ravikant this book expands on Naval's famous tweet-storm "How to Get Rich Without Getting Lucky." I'm especially fond of the exercise on setting an aspirational high hourly rate of $1,000+.

[Book] Your Money or Your Life a classic on understanding your relationship with money and how changing it might enable a more fulfilling life. This book introduced me to the concept of a "true hourly wage", which stands in contrast to Naval's aspirational hourly rate from above. In practice both are useful.

Classic Investments

[Book] The Bogleheads Guide to Investing is one of my favorite overviews of how to save your earnings into lower-risk investments like the S&P 500 to provide long term financial stability for yourself and your family. It also gives a great overview of personal finance.

Bitcoin Investments

[Book] The Bitcoin Standard provides a solid overview of the macroeconomic thesis behind Bitcoin. The found the book shocking on the first read – it made claims that I initially felt very uncomfortable with, however I think it's well worth the read for anyone interested in buying or using Bitcoin.

[YouTube] The Saylor Series of interviews by Robert Breedlove for the "What is Money" show goes deep into the MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor's thesis for converting his entire balance sheet into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Storage

I use and recommend the "Gold" plan from Casa HODL for storing Bitcoin.