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Client Testimonials

Curious about working together? Here is what clients say:

"I've been working with Jeremiah for a few months and he has been the best coach I've ever had. He is super insightful and has a broad swath of knowledge. We discuss sales, marketing, hiring, morale, relationships and everything in between! I've had multiple calls where I was like wow this call makes up for all the money I have ever paid him. I'd highly recommend Jeremiah for people who are focussed on growing quickly or are in a high leverage role."

Ankur Dahiya
CEO / Co-Founder at RunX
San Francisco, CA

"Working with Jeremiah was amazing. I had high expectations going in, and several thorny problems that I knew I needed help with. The array of skills and context he brought to bear was impressive, and I left each session with notes (and sometimes homework!) that helped me make the progress I was looking for. I highly recommend working with him if you can!"

Jason Sundram
Lead, World.AI @ Facebook Reality Labs Maps
Somerville, MA

"I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Jeremiah. He always asks the right questions that allow for constructive reflection. He has helped me navigate challenging relationships, seen me through a much needed job change, and brought me much needed clarity into what my life and career goals are. If you're considering working with Jeremiah, stop considering - just do it! It won't be a decision you regret."

Catherine Cheng
Product Growth Lead at Facebook
San Francisco, CA

"Jeremiah is a powerful coach. He helped me clarify the vision for my company, step into the role of becoming an executive and deepen my relationship with my team and my family. After starting work with Jeremiah I have optimized my calendar & use of time, and gotten the power to focus on creative projects and personal health."

Arlen Coupland
Principal Consultant and CEO, Shotmaker S.C.
Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland

"My main struggle has been figuring out how to dedicate my energy outside of work. In a two hour conversation Jeremiah asked tough questions and challenged me to pull the answers from within myself. He noticed that long term friendships matter to me more than anything else, and in the end we defined powerful, simple, and actionable goals to grow my personal life that I’ve been seeing results with."

Brian Li
Growth Operations Manager, Flexport
San Francisco, CA

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