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I worked hard and over-delivered for decades but didn’t get the results I expected. My life was frustrating, and I knew I was wasting my gifts.

Other people seemed happy and successful, but I dreamed of burning everything down and running away.

Eventually, I realized that my survival depended on taking ownership of my life and finding a path that worked for me.

From that moment on, I have sought the best role models and teachers, paying close attention to how their beliefs and actions create the beautiful lives they live.

As I have changed my psychology, my life has shifted for the better. I am calmer, more open, and much happier. My deeper understanding of myself feels integrated from moment to moment and place to place.

I constantly educate myself, experiment with new systems and frameworks, and bring the best to my own life and the lives of my clients.

My mission is to help dedicated and talented people get out of their own way, take ownership of their lives, and turn things they dream of seeing into a reality.


Born August 1, 1985: Wareham, Massachusetts. Youngest of four.

Early 2000's: Began working in Silicon Valley at age 16.

2007: Graduated from Virginia Tech, B.S. Mathematics. Summa Cum Laude.

2007 - 2020: Helped build CarMax, Facebook, and Flexport. Analytical advisor to CEOs, senior management, and board members.

2019+: Coaching.